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Welcome to my website where I hope to share my love for dance organs with everybody.

I'm working on this project on a daily basis, so I invite you to bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates.

I was born and raised in Holland in the province Zeeland.

Of all the dance organs I was familiar with, one in particular captured my heart. It was the 101 key organ built by TH. Mortier of Antwerp, Belgium, named the "Breskens".

It is now that I appeal to you for your help by sending me photos, modern and historical, and information about dance organs that you may own or be familiar with to: DANSORGELS

My aim is to share my passion and love for these beautiful instruments with others with similar feelings. I don't have any grand illusions that this site will bring the organs back to our Town Fair, but I do hope to raise the enthusiasm and respect for these magnificent instruments so they will never be forgotten!

Bennie Tanghe

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